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Studen Loans

Student Loans

As a new graduate, dental school loans can be the biggest monthly expense - but don't worry! Our experienced attorneys are on hand to review your loans, create a strategy, and manage a repayment plan that will reduce your burden. Make sure you're not overpaying when it comes to those pesky student loans, find out what our team can do for you!

Paypal buy now pay later- interest free for 6 months

Stanley T_edited.png

Stanley T.

Lead Student Loan Attorney
8+ Yrs Student Loan Experience
Over $1 Billion in managed student loan debt
"I talk direct, explain clearly, and give an exact strategy that leads to a way out... I'm damn good at what I do"
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Disabilty Insurance

Disability Insurance

As a dentist, you never know what life may bring - that's why it is important to have disability insurance. Our specialists can help you find the coverage that best fits your needs, as well as provide insight into contract language and any policy provisions that further secure your finances in case of an unforeseen event. Protect yourself and family with our team's expert guidance and get started today!


avg. policy cost $80-$120 /month

for $4,000 monthly benefit

-we will find options that best fit you-

Tyler D_edited.png

Tyler D.

Lead Dental Disability Insurance Agent
14+ Yrs Dental Disability Insurance Experience
Licensed in all 50 states
With our extensive experience assisting thousands of dentists and physicians with their disability insurance needs, you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.
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Malpractice Insurance

It is a requirement to have malpractice insurance. But rather than going with any plan an agent recommends, our specialist will find policies that most benefit and protect you in case you have a claim against you. Knowing about the contract language and provisions in your contract may give you the piece of mind that you need as you practice. 


As low as $50 per year for new grads

-we will do the shopping for you-

James C_edited.png

James C.

Lead Independent Insurance Agent
35+ Yrs Dental Insurance Experience
Licensed in all 50 states
We represent many of the leading insurance carriers within the dental industry. We can research and access various coverage options to determine the optimal solution for your coverage exposure. 
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